THE Conservatives have won the Workington seat for the first time since 1979.

Mark Jenkinson was elected MP for the constituency tonight.

In an emotional speech he thanked his wife Dawn for her support.

Labour's Sue Hayman, who was also shadow environment secretary, lost her seat by about 4,000 votes.

She said she had been proud to represent the area and she thanked her team.

The Labour Party candidate for Carlisle, Ruth Alcroft has spoken of her sadness at the news.

Elected in 2015, Mrs Hayman was until tonight the shadow Environment secretary for the Labour Party opposition.

Speaking with visible sadness at the result, Mrs Alcroft said: "Sue has worked so hard, all for the good of the people in her constituency.

"She was doing a fantastic job, and we've lost her."

Mark Jenkinson was elected as Workington’s new MP in the early hours of Friday morning, with Labour’s Sue Hayman losing her seat after four and a half years.

The constituency elected Tory Richard Page at a by-election in 1976, but he was replaced by Labour’s Dale Campbell-Savours at the 1979 general election.

Mr Jenkinson, who will step down from his current role as deputy leader of Allerdale council, was close to tears when he publicly thanked his wife Dawn for her support during the campaign.

“A Workington man is nothing without his Workington woman by his side.

“To my wife Dawn who has a lot to put up with, you are my rock, and I could not have done this without your support and the love of my family and kids.”

He added the Tory Party leader Boris Johnson had given people a message of hope which resonated with voters across the country.

He said: “We will deliver on what Workington voted for three years ago and we’ll get Brexit done. We will make Workington thrive once more.”

Mrs Hayman lost with 16,312 votes against Mr Jenkinson’s 20,488.

In 2017, Labour won with 21,317 and the Conservatives came second in the constituency with Clark Vasey’s 17,392 votes.

It is believed the votes cast on Thursday were seeing the two politicians head-to-head, but the postal votes were the ones to make the difference in the race to become Workington’s MP.

Mrs Hayman said: “I have been very proud to represent this constituency for the last four years and I was proud to be the first woman MP elected in Cumbria.

“I’d like to thank everyone who’s worked so hard to get this count done so quickly.

“Thanks to my staff who stayed with me for the whole four years I was an MP, my agent and my campaign team who worked so hard, and my husband.”