Name: Jonathan Davies

Age: 45

Where you live: Clifton, Penrith

Occupation: Small business owner – web/software agency and property services business

Political party: Putting Cumbria First

Brexit: I will represent the people and how they voted in 2016. Brexit was put to the people and they voted in this area to leave the EU, it’s not down to party or an MP’s opinion on this. Leave was the majority result and we must represent the people first and foremost.

Transport: We need a joined up multi-mode transport plan, which connects our rural and urban communities across the whole of Cumbria. Lines need reopened, reducing traffic and opening more stations (unmanned) added along existing routes. A key action required, is to see the Keswick to Penrith line reopened, which would take traffic off the A66.

Environment: We need to adopt a “climate common sense” policy which delivers actions not just empty words. Reducing plastic waste and looking at alternatives are a key priority. I would push for a law banning excess plastic packaging on foods. We must look to adopting new evolving technology, which will work with us to tackle climate change.

Health: Our NHS is ours and not for sale, or form part of any trade deal/s. We must ensure our NHS is fully supported to deliver a universal free at point of need to all. We need to bring the NHS and the social care together into one organization to provide cradle to grave care for all.

Education: I’ve long supported and called for full funding for our schools and a reversal of cuts to funding. Headteachers should not have to wear the hat of caretaker, maintenance person, accountant, fund raiser, dinner person. Teachers should not have to worry about amounts of paper used in the classroom or ask parents to provide toilet roll.

Broadband: Broadband is far from perfect or universal currently, but we have a choice of providers, innovation and development running alongside this. 5G is going to cut the cord giving superfast always on broadband, cable free. We must have fast broadband to ensure we can compete on the global marketplace and access openly all information we require.

Farming: Farming must be supported through the Brexit transition and enabled to take advantage of all opportunities made available. I pledge to advocate for easier and simpler procedures and systems for farmers to turn land over to growing hemp, which can be used in multiple sectors and deliver a cash rich crop.

Why should people vote for you? I don’t want you to vote for me! I want you to vote for you, your family.

Vote for the place we all call home. Vote to start Putting Cumbria First. We need a local MP, that lives and works in the community and knows the people, issues and is not afraid to stand up when needed.

Name: Dr Neil Hudson

Age: 50

Where you live: East Lothian

Occupation: Veterinary Surgeon

Political party: Conservative & Unionist

Brexit: To support the Prime Ministers deal and get Brexit sorted so that we can restore stability and then focus on important domestic priorities

Transport: Communities need effective linkages and I will champion these issues including: improving road access and conditions like the A66, improving train links and protecting rural bus services.

Environment: Only by good stewardship and sensible policy making can we protect and nurture the environment and its way of life for our children and generations to come. We need to tackle climate change, invest in nature and cut down on damaging waste like plastics.

Health: Invest in our precious NHS and protect community hospitals. Increase the number of healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses. Invest in social care and develop cross-party long term policies in this area.

Education: I am passionate about the life chances of our young people and want to work towards a society where any child can achieve their dream no matter what their background. Invest in our schools, Improve teacher pay. Encourage retention in the teaching profession and promote skills training and apprenticeships.

Broadband: We need to boost the area’s connectivity and infrastructure through enhanced broadband and mobile coverage. The Government needs to work with providers to enhance coverage in our rural areas.

Farming: We need to ensure that farming and animal welfare are protected and enhanced through the Brexit process. We have the opportunity to raise standards elsewhere in the world in leading by example. Farming can and should be profitable and sustainable, with animal welfare at its heart.

Why should people vote for you? As an equine veterinary surgeon with experience in mixed general practice and academia, I believe I bring real life experience to politics. For me, politics is all about people and it would be a great honour to champion local issues on your behalf. There are no vets in the Commons…yet!

Name: Ali Ross

Age: 56

Where you live: Matterdale End, Penrith

Occupation: Eden councillor and co-ordinator with Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Political party: Green Party

Brexit: We will deliver a people’s vote to resolve Brexit and will campaign to remain. We will work within the EU to lead the fight against the Climate Emergency, to protect the environment, increase co-operation on science and security, and to improve the lives of workers, low income families and refugees.

Transport: We will end our transport dependency on fossil fuels that is causing climate breakdown, congestion, road danger and air pollution that damages health. We will invest instead in more reliable and affordable and less polluting trains and buses, an effective electric vehicle infrastructure, and safe cycling and walking options.

Environment: The climate is our top priority and our radical policies, from energy, housing, transport and industry to land-use and food, will get us to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Ecological breakdown is related and also critical, requiring much stronger protection of species and habitats and massive restoration of nature.

Health: The NHS must provide universal free healthcare, including better mental and reproductive health services available to all. We will increase funding by £6bn per year, plus £1 billion extra for nursing training. We’ll invest in community health centres, providing more local services, pioneering preventative healthcare and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Education: We consider learning a lifelong process that values creativity and self-expression. We will commit £4bn more funding for schools per year. We will free schools from centrally imposed testing and inspection regimes, rigid national curriculum and league tables. We’ll widen provision of further education and fully fund higher education.

Broadband: Fast, reliable broadband is vital for everyone and we will ensure that there are no ‘digital divides’. We will roll out high speed broadband that it is available in rural areas at the same cost as in urban areas, if necessary, by adding a small fee for all phone lines.

Farming: We must recognise and prevent the damage that intensive farming does to our environment. We will shift subsidies towards farming methods that restore ecosystem health, the quality of soil and water, reduce carbon emissions and realise the land’s capacity to absorb carbon, while also protecting natural landscapes, habitats and species.

Why should people vote for you? I’ve lived in the constituency for 22 years, working in environmental, business and social spheres. I’m committed to tackling the climate crisis and social injustice and to representing this special place and its people. Every vote for me raises the future of life on our planet up the political agenda.

Name: Matthew Severn

Age: 33

Where you live: Kendal

Occupation: Bookshop manager

Political party: Liberal Democrats

Brexit: Brexit isn’t worth a single lost job, a single business facing extra costs or a single pound of government spending taken away from important things and wasted on risky no-deal planning. Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and unlock a £50bn remain bonus to massively boost vital public services.

Transport: We desperately need more buses and bus routes in the constituency. I will fight to get both, pushing for more Government funding to the county. I’ll stand up for Penrith station and encourage train firms to schedule more stops at Penrith. Lib Dems will freeze rail fares for five years.

Environment: I absolutely acknowledge that climate change is real and that in Cumbria we are on the frontline of a climate emergency. If elected I will support green and renewable energy projects in Cumbria which also generate jobs. I will seek funding to insulate every low income home in the constituency.

Health: Liberal Democrats will boost mental health spending by £11bn, putting it on a parity with physical health treatment. Overall we’ll boost NHS & Social Care funding by £35bn. I’ll do everything I can locally to help our NHS Trusts and GPs co-ordinate with each other and social care providers.

Education: Liberal Democrats will hire 20,000 new teachers nationally – I’ll fight to make sure every school in the constituency have all the staff and funding they need. We will provide up to 35 hours a week childcare for children from the age of nine months to turbocharge our kids early years.

Broadband: I want to see every home and every business in the constituency, and across the whole of Cumbria, have access to superfast broadband. I’ll support all the fantastic local groups working to deliver that in their communities with government funding & help and get grants to set up new ones.

Farming: If elected I will work hard to make sure that our farmers don’t get competition from poor quality US imports and also are able to keep full access to markets across the EU and across the UK – something the Conservatives are putting at risk.

Why should people vote for you? I love living in Cumbria – it’s the best place to raise my family and I want to help make it even better. I’ll fight to make sure that the towns and villages of the constituency are no longer ignored by Westminster and we get our full and rightful share of funding.

Name: Sarah Williams

Age: 48

Where you live: London via Wigton

Occupation: Musician and music teacher

Political party: Labour and Co-operative

Brexit: I voted Remain in the referendum, many friends and family voted Leave. A Tory Brexit will be disastrous for the economy, businesses, farming and will jeopardise peace in Northern Ireland. Labour will give the people a final say: Leave with a credible Brexit deal that protects the economy, jobs and the environment, or Remain.

Transport: Some of our bus services have disappeared, Labour will increase local services, reinstating the routes that have been cut. We will deliver improvements for rail passengers by bringing our railways back into public ownership, using options such as franchise expiry. This will enable us to make fares affordable and for profits to be reinvested.

Environment: I am passionate about our environment and about climate change. I am very excited by Labour’s green industrial revolution, creating jobs to save our environment. We will introduce robust new standards for decarbonisation, nature recovery, environmental quality and species protection. We will provide an extra £5.6bn to improve flood defences.

Health: Folk are really struggling when they need care services in their own home. Labour will develop a model of joined-up community care, enabling people to live longer lives, in better health, in their own homes. We will reverse the privatisation of the NHS and properly reward health public sector workers with an immediate 5% pay increase.

Education: I have been campaigning on education matters since 2010. Labour pledges to reverse the huge funding cuts faced by schools and to re-open Sure Start Centres. We will bring academies and free school back to their communities, and end high-stakes testing of young children – reducing unnecessary stress and worry.

Broadband: Rural areas like ours have very poor full-fibre Broadband with only 5% coverage making running a business, or studying at home, a real problem. In order to become competitive Labour will invest in full-fibre broadband, bringing essential infrastructure technology, free to every home and business by 2030.

Farming: Cuts to Environment Agency funding have led to ineffective flood management. Labour will invest in the EA and in measures to mitigate the damage done by floods and soil degradation. Farmers face an uncertain future, Labour will guarantee new legislation to ensure support and certainty for UK farmers.

Why should people vote for you? We desperately need radical change. We have suffered unnecessary austerity that has robbed us of our public services whilst doubling the national debt. We need a new optimism. We can look after all of our communities, we can create exciting new jobs and infrastructure, and we can heal a nation divided by Brexit.