Schoolchildren hope to inspire their community to get behind the growing need to tackle climate change.

Youngsters from Pennine Way Primary School in Carlisle have an ECO club that has been working in the area to spread the word.

Being aware of the problem is just the first step.

And, to help take the next one, they’re launching The Harraby Climate Change Pledge.

The children are appealing to schools, businesses, community groups and residents of estate to make a pledge, with many of them already doing their bit to tackle climate change.

The mini warriors are taking action in school and in their homes.

They have been planting seeds in the school garden, cleaning up litter and spreading the message to others about what can be done to help.

Harraby South County Councillor and chairman of Carlisle Local Committee, Cyril Weber, said: “The Harraby area has a great community spirit and we have always tried to work together to make a difference.

“The Harraby Climate Change Pledge is our way of showing what we can do to tackle a worldwide issue, and make a positive difference to the local environment.”

The children at the school have designed the logo for the campaign and have strong feelings about climate change.

Ella Bainbridge, nine, said: “It’s has been good fun to be part of the ECO club and I think it is really important we do something to help the planet.

“I would like to be able to breathe clean and fresh air.”

Being able to play out and not have to see rubbish everywhere is important to Jessica Marshalsea, eight, who said: “I would like to see the world free of litter.”

Pledges that have already been made include, to use the car less to drive to work and walk more. Central Avenue Coop and Central Cafe have already made a pledges.

Carlisle City Councillor Niall McNulty said: “We are looking to make Harraby the first ward in the county to make a joint pledge to tackle climate change. One person’s pledge might seem small, but a lot of people making pledges together can make a big difference.”