Name: Julia Aglionby

Age: 50

Where you live: Carlisle

Occupation: Chartered surveyor and Professor at University of Cumbria

Political party: Liberal Democrats

Brexit: I am standing as the only voice for remain in Carlisle to secure our Prosperity, Peace and Planet. Carlisle has a high dependency on the manufacturing and agricultural sector so staying in the EU is the best deal available our jobs and businesses. We also require freedom of movement to provide sufficient staff for our hospitals.

Transport: We have major issues with local transport in Carlisle and neighbouring villages where car travel becomes the preferred option which discriminates against those not able to drive. Much better buses and segregated cycle pathways are essential. We need major investment in improved rail infrastructure and extended timetables with fair pricing.

Environment: The increasing frequency of extreme flooding is a local reminder of the real costs of the climate crisis and the need for action now. We urgently need to work locally and nationally to create the political and legislative changes to mitigate against the impact of extreme events through delivering zero carbon Britain and to address the biodiversity crisis.

Health: Our services are in many areas at breaking point due to a shortage of staff and funding. We will add 1p to income tax and ring fence for health and social care with an explicit commitment to put mental health care on an equal footing to physical care.

Education: With children aged 15 and 17 I have witnessed the cuts to school budgets. My priority is to reverse school funding cuts, increase funding for special needs, invest £1bn in early years and make sure all children in primary schools have free school meals. I will also support a skills wallet for life long learning.

Broadband: Many rural areas in Carlisle do not have adequate broadband – as where I live. We need to invest in high speed links so families and businesses can learn, access services, run businesses without discrimination compared with those in urban areas. I will campaign for a mixed model of community and small enterprise solutions.

Farming: Farming is massively at risk from Brexit, remaining in the EU allows us to trade freely with the EU. My priority is enabling farm businesses to gradually transfer from payments for the occupation of land (BPS) to payments for provision of public services including biodiversity, water, carbon, landscape, local food, high animal welfare.

Why should people vote for you? I bring a wealth of experience championing Cumbrian causes in Westminster. I am the only candidate backing Remain in a second referendum offering progressive, credible and deliverable policies to keep Carlisle thriving for our kids’ future. I will work to enhance jobs and prosperity, ensure peace and protect our planet.

Name: Ruth Alcroft

Age: 43

Where you live: Carlisle

Occupation: Education officer

Political party: Labour

Brexit: Labour will give people the final say on Brexit. Within three months, a Labour government will secure a sensible deal protecting jobs, workers’ rights, consumer rights and environmental protections. And within six months, we will put that deal to a public vote alongside the option to remain.

Transport: Last year, transport spending in the North West was £489 lower per person than in London. Labour will invest to make our neglected local roads, pavements and cycleways safer for everyday journeys. We will free up space on roads like the A69 by promoting the use of rail freight.

Environment: Labour led the UK Parliament in declaring a climate and environmental emergency. The next Labour government will lead the world in fighting it. We will kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution that will create one million jobs in the UK to transform our industry, energy, transport, agriculture and our buildings, while restoring nature.

Health: Labour will give the NHS the funding it needs and never let our health service be up for grabs in any trade negotiation. We’ll expand our NHS to offer free prescriptions for all and free basic dentistry. We will end the social care crisis, funding free personal care and extra care packages.

Education: As a teacher and a mum-of-two, education is really important to me. Labour’s plans will ensure everybody has access to high-quality education from cradle-to-grave. We will fund 30 hours’ childcare for all two, three, and four-year-olds, schools will have the resources they need, and we will scrap University tuition fees.

Broadband: Labour will deliver free full-fibre broadband to all by 2030. There is a jobs guarantee for all workers in existing broadband infrastructure and retail broadband work and it will be paid for through taxation of multinationals, including tech giants. Our plan will boost jobs, tackle regional inequality and improve quality of life.

Farming: Labour will support local food networks, expand access to farm holdings and we will ensure rights of union representation for farmers and agricultural workers. Labour will invest in more county farms to replace those lost, and increase access into farming for new entrants.

Why should people vote for you? Carlisle needs an MP who will stand up for our city. I will be a full time MP fighting for fully-funded schools and NHS services and for action on flood defences, transport and local issues. As your MP, I will be Carlisle’s voice in Westminster, not the other way around.

Name: Fiona Mills

Age: 49

Where you live: Carlisle

Occupation: Qualified accountant - NHS

Political party: UK Independence Party

Brexit: I support leaving the EU with a clean break as voted for by the majority of Carlisle residents in the referendum. We must leave all constructs (CU, SM and ECJ) and regain our independence allowing us to make our own trade deals, our own laws and regain our fishing grounds.

Transport: Ukip would cancel HS2 with the dual benefit of saving around £100bn and preventing further environmental damage. We would invest in upgrading local rail services and improving local road networks and road maintenance. We’ll increase bus services to rural areas so older people are not left isolated.

Environment: I vehemently oppose the incinerator planned for North Carlisle near housing, schools and shops. Even if emissions were minimal, the air pollution caused by over 100 HGVs per day would be unacceptable. I want to preserve green spaces and think all major developments should be subject to binding local referenda.

Health: I’ve just been appointed Health Spokesperson for Ukip. I have 27 years’ experience in the NHS. We must train more nurses and doctors to staff our busy hospitals and community services to improve patient pathways and outcomes. We need better access to capital funding for equipment and service expansion.

Education: Our education system must concentrate on providing children with useful skills and knowledge to help them enjoy a productive adult life. UKIP will invest in schools and employ an additional 30,000 teachers in order to cut class sizes. We support grammar, technical, vocational and specialist schools to provide for all needs.

Broadband: High speed internet is essential to modern life and Ukip will ensure it is available in deprived areas so that people are connected and businesses can flourish. I oppose the roll out of 5G until it has been fully tested to see if it is safe for humans, animals and plants.

Farming: When we leave the Common Agricultural Policy we will stop subsidising large landowners and will start supporting local food producers, increase food safety and protect the agricultural environment. All food should be labelled with origin and method of production and slaughter so people know exactly what they are eating.

Why should people vote for you? Carlisle voted to Leave the EU in 2016 and I am the only clean-break Brexit candidate on the ballot paper. If elected I will push for the Brexit people voted for. Ukip has a full manifesto of sensible policies for people. Vote for me and I will work for you.

Name: John Stevenson

Age: 56

Where you live: Carlisle

Occupation: Politician

Political Party: The Conservative Party

Brexit: Although I voted remain, I firmly believe that Parliament must implement the decision of the British people in 2016. I have consistently voted in parliament to leave the EU and this election is an opportunity for the people of Carlisle to send a representative who will implement our departure from the EU.

Transport: Communications are vital whether it be road, rail, air or indeed modern technology. As an MP, I have seen the opening of the first commercial flights from CLD Airport. I also lobbied successfully for the £100m investment in the southern ring road. I will continue to press for further investment in our transport infrastructure.

Environment: I support the move to a decarbonised society and was a strong advocate of a nuclear plant at Moorside as this would provide the base supply. I also advocate solar panels in all new residential builds. We must make it as easy as possible for individuals and families to adjust their lifestyles to help our environment.

Health: For too long the NHS has been a political football. My party will continue to support it by investing £33bn. However, I think it is far more important that we try and remove health from the political environment and would advocate a royal commission to look at how we provide care, fund it and organise it.

Education: In a more advanced world education and skills are absolutely vital. University is important but I firmly believe that the apprenticeship schemes are equally as important. To assist, I have held an annual skills fair since 2014 bringing employers, training providers and those seeking apprenticeships and employment together in one place.

Broadband: In a modern economy communication is everything. Ensuring that we have a modern technological base is absolutely vital. In many respects this is the modern day equivalent of the Victorians extending the railway network.

Farming: The two most important issues for Government are food security and energy security. In many respects not enough has been done to ensure that we have a vibrant, successful, prosperous and growing agricultural industry. As we leave the EU it is extremely important that we do look after this vital and important industry.

Why should people vote for you: Firstly we finally deliver Brexit. Thereafter we can then move back to our more traditional agenda of improving our economy and public services. Secondly, at a local level, I will continue to advocate, lobby and support investment both public and private in our local economy and local services.