A CARLISLE city councillor is urging the public to report any anti-social driving in Rickerby Park - before someone is seriously injured.

The popular park - just a short walk from the city centre - has long been a much-loved recreational space for families, where grazing cattle and sheep are often seen.

But there is growing concern over what one local councillor says has been a significant increase in anti-social driving in and around the sprawling park. Councillor Paul Nedved fears there may be a serious accident if tough action is not taken.

“Rickerby Park is a magnet for local people to do what they want to do - such as taking a leisurely walk,” said the councillor, who represents Stanwix.

He said locals had a right to not be intimidated by drivers who refuse to keep to the 30mph speed limit or who take their cars off-road, putting other park users at risk.

“It’s dangerous,” Mr Nedved said. “One of these days someone will come to serious harm.

“I would urge people with the utmost urgency to please be observant and report these incidents to the police.

“It’s problematic. This is not just a recent thing; it’s a long standing problem.

“There has been CCTV in the park for the last couple of years to try and get on top of this, but, the other problem that we have and that we confront on a fairly regular basis, is what is known as doughnutting.”

This involves young motorists using their cars to perform figure-of-eight manoeuvres in various parts of the park. “Not only can they do damage to themselves,” said the councillor. “They are doing considerable damage to the park itself.

“There are a lot of people who walk through the park. People are walking along with prams and children are playing. This is putting those people in danger.”

Stressing the importance of resolving this issue, he continued: “It’s getting darker now and you have people speeding though the park. It’s something we have to keep a very tight hold on.” Such bad driving is a risk to the drivers and the public, he said.

“I really would insist that people report it,”said Mr Nedved. “We all need to try to work together and eliminate the speeding and this doughnutting in the park.

“One of these days someone will come to serious harm - whether it’s a pedestrian or someone in a vehicle doing something crazy. From the evidence gathered with the friends of Rickerby Park it’s on the increase and that is exceptionally worrying.

“I’ve seen on occasions vehicle going half way up the bank to Brampton Road. It could be a danger to life and limb for pedestrians.”

A Carlisle City Council spokeswoman said: “We’re working with Carlisle Police to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour in Rickerby Park.

“We urge anyone with any information, such as registration details for vehicles driving ‘off road’ within the park, to contact the police on 101.”

A police spokesman reiterated that advice, saying anyone who sees vehicles in the park driving off road to contact the force: “Any vehicles that are identified as have been driven anti socially in the area could potentially be seized.”

Anyone witnessing this kind of bad behaviour should call 101 or email 101emails@cumbria.police.uk.