MEMBERS of Brampton parish council has spoken of the “unpleasant” state of the men’s public toilets in the town.

Chairman David Moorat said that issues surrounding the public toilets by the Scotch Mews have gone unresolved for more than two years, despite numerous complaints to Carlisle City Council.

The issues include: broken lights, doors don’t lock, and the hand-dryer doesn’t work.

David Moorat said: “Visitors coming to the visitor centre complained bitterly at how unpleasant they are and they look as if they are locked.”

He urged the city councillors in attendance to visit the toilets so they can see for themselves the state they are in.

Raymond Tinnion, councillor for Brampton and Fellside, said: “I totally agree with David Moorat, the condition of the toilets is not acceptable and has been an ongoing problem. Hopefully, something can be done soon.”

“Brampton is a remarkable Cumbrian market town which receives a lot of tourists all year round and deserves a better standard of service than it has been getting in the past.”