LABOUR has announced a plan to invest in a new recycled steel plant in Workington as well as pledging to deliver new nuclear power stations.

The party launched its general election manifesto today, in which it unveiled its Green Industrial Revolution plan.

Labour has pledged to create a recycled steel plant in Workington, creating jobs and putting the town at the forefront of the country’s steel industry.

The steelworks would be one of three to be established around the country, at a total cost of around £1 billion and creating around 3,000 new jobs.

Sue Hayman, Labour’s shadow environment secretary and parliamentary candidate for Workington, said: “A new steelworks for Workington will be a huge boost to the local economy, while making a major contribution to tackling the climate and environment emergency.

“We have a proud tradition of steel manufacture here which we must continue. West Cumbria was at the centre of the Victorian industrial revolution, and Labour will ensure that our community is at the heart of our 21st century Green Industrial Revolution, which will transform our country.”

The manifesto also pledges investment in new nuclear power as well as renewable energy, a £250 billion Green Transformation Fund and 300,000 new apprenticeships in ‘green’ industries.

Mrs Hayman said: “The last Conservative government refused to support the new Moorside nuclear power station in West Cumbria, losing thousands of future jobs and dealing a devastating blow to our economy.

“Labour will support investment in new nuclear energy, helping to secure the future of the industry in West Cumbria and establishing us as an international centre of nuclear excellence.”

Tony Lywood, Copleand’s Labour candidate, said: “I welcome the inclusion of nuclear new-build in our manifesto — it’s just one of hundreds of policies which would transform this country, but it is perhaps the one which will have most resonance in Copeland.”

“The Conservatives promised this community they would deliver Moorside, and they broke that promise. A Labour government is committed to nuclear new build — so committed that we’ve included it in our manifesto — and West Cumbria is ideally placed to deliver it; we are the centre of nuclear excellence and local people have the right skills and experience.

Mrs Hayman added: “After years of Tory austerity, cuts and lack of investment, Labour’s election manifesto brings new hope for West Cumbria and the prospect of major economic investment and thousands of new jobs in the years to come.

“As Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, I’m proud to have been involved in writing Labour’s manifesto, which shows we have real, radical plans to boost the UK economy, create new jobs, invest in our communities and tackle climate change – all as part of the same approach to transforming Britain for the 21st century.”