Sellafield Union leaders have welcomed the inclusion of nuclear-new build pledge by the Labour Party ahead of next month’s general election.

The latest version of the Party’s manifesto is published today and includes, for the first time, a specific pledge to build new nuclear power stations, which will be essential in the battle to provide environmentally safe, sustainable energy supply beyond 2020.

A site in the fields next to Sellafield had been earmarked for a new plant in 2009 — by the previous Labour government — but after years of delay under the Conservatives, the Moorside project was finally shelved last year, with investors citing a lack of government support as one of the reasons for it’s failure.

However, with Labour vowing to put new-nuclear at the centre of a green energy revolution, Sellafield union chiefs say there is every reason to be confident — should Labour win the election on December 12.

GMB Sellafield convenor Joe Murdock said: "I'm delighted that Labour have now committed to nuclear new build as part of our energy mix. The GMB have been lobbying government for this and it's great to see it in the Labour Manifesto. We were let down by the Conservatives on Moorside. With Labour's new proposals, Moorside is now back in play. Lets take this opportunity to push for it and help secure jobs in our area."

Unite Sellafield convenor Nick Jeffery said: “Labour's manifesto commitment nuclear new build provides a great opportunity for us all in Copeland. The Tories promised to secure Moorside but failed to do it. Let’s be absolutely clear —under Labour we have the best chance. I know that Tony Lywood, the Labour candidate in the General Election, gets the issues and the industry, and would make a fantastic MP.”

Tony Lywood, Copeland's Labour parliamentary candidate, said: “I welcome the inclusion of nuclear new-build in our manifesto — it’s just one of hundreds of policies which would transform this country, but it is perhaps the one which will have most resonance in Copeland.

“The Conservatives promised this community they would deliver Moorside, and they broke that promise. A Labour government is committed to nuclear new build — so committed that we’ve included it in our manifesto — and West Cumbria is ideally placed to deliver it; we are the centre of nuclear excellence and local people have the right skills and experience.”

Further, the Labour manifesto has a commitment to create more wind farms and solar energy.

We need to make The British Energy Coast a reality with a centre of excellence for nuclear, wind, solar and tidal power in Copeland.