The Home Secretary was in Whitehaven today for an election visit to show her support Trudy Harrison.

Priti Patel joined Copeland's Conservative hopeful while canvassing around The Highlands estate in the town.

Mrs Harrison has been out and about across the borough listening to views on local issues and also hearing from people who are backing getting Brexit done.

Ms Patel said: "I'm here to campaign for Trudy. I want her to remain as the member of parliament. She's been brilliant over the last few years so I want to see her back.

"We're here to make sure that happens. The message is incredibly clear - if you want a brilliant Conservative member of parliament, you've got to vote for Trudy.

"She's a tour de force and I think she's exactly what the constituency needs in Westminster. She's brought local issues to Westminster - she's been a complete champion. She's a strong voice for Copeland in Westminster and that's incredibly important.

"When it comes to polling day, look at the ballot paper. The choice will be between Boris Johnston's Conservative party - a party that wants to get Brexit done - or Mr Corbyn, and quite frankly the shambolic proposals he's got for Brexit and our country."

She added: "We've had some fantastic discussions today, including how supportive people are of Trudy and her record as a local member of parliament."

Mrs Harrison said: "I think it's brilliant to invite all ministers up because we are so far away from Westminster. It's important people understand our challenges, particularly the infrastructure.

"Also for Priti to hear from people on the doorstep, how this community voted to leave and our votes are being ignored in parliament by the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats. Raising awareness of our needs in Copeland to the ministerial team is vital."