The final list of candidates for this December’s General Election is now set in stone.

With nominations having closed on Thursday evening, it is now official who is standing in next month’s poll.

In some Cumbrian and south west Scottish constituencies, incumbents are battling to keep their seats. In others, standing down MPs have left a fresh field of candidates vying for a place in the House of Commons.

In Carlisle, Conservative John Stevenson is aiming to secure his fourth electoral success, with Labour’s Ruth Alcroft hoping to overturn his 2,600 majority.

Carlisle resident Julia Aglionby, until recently a senior civil servant, is hoping to appeal to the 40 per cent in the city who voted not to leave the EU in 2016 with the Lib Dems.

Following Rory Stewart’s resignation, Penrith and the Border now have a Tory candidate in Neil Hudson, a vet from East Lothian. Professional musician and former Wigton resident Sarah Williams is Labour’s candidate.

In Copeland, Conservative Trudy Harrison hopes to succeed in her third election in just two years, having first won the seat in a 2017 by-election.

But Labour county councillor Tony Lywood aims to reclaim the traditionally Labour constituency for his party.

Workington is described by some commentators as the bellwether seat in this election, meaning its residents have to be won over by any party hoping for a national majority.

Fighting for the high profile seat is incumbent Labour candidate Sue Hayman who faces Allerdale’s Conservative council deputy leader Mark Jenkinson.

The full list of candidates:

Liberal Democrats - Julia Aglionby
Labour Party - Ruth Alcroft
UK Independence Party - Fiona Mills
Conservative Party - John Stevenson

Penrith and the Border
Putting Cumbria First - Jonathan Davies
Conservative Party - Neil Hudson
Green Party - Ali Ross
Liberal Democrats - Matthew Severn
Labour Party - Sarah Williams

Conservative Party - Trudy Harrison
Green Party - Jack Lenox
Labour Party - Tony Lywood
Liberal Democrats - John Studholme

Independent - Nicky Cockburn
Labour Party - Sue Hayman
Liberal Democrats - Neil Hughes
Independent - Roy Ivinson
Conservative Party - Mark Jenkinson
Green Party - Jill Perry
Brexit Party - David Walker

Westmorland and Lonsdale
Conservative Party - James Airey
Labour Party - Phillip Black
Brexit Party - Steven Bolton
Liberal Democrats - Tim Farron

Labour Party - Chris Altree
Liberal Democrats - Loraine Birchall
Conservative Party - Simon Fell
Green Party - Chris Loynes
Brexit Party - Ged McGrath

Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Scottish National Party - Amanda Burgauer
Labour Party - Nick Chisholm
Liberal Democrats - John Ferry
Conservative Party - David Mundell

The election will be held on Thursday December 12.