WORKINGTON’S Brexit Party candidate said the decision to pull other party hopefuls this week was “upsetting”.

Just days before nominations closed, the Brexit Party said it would not field candidates in the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in 2017 – meaning it will not be contesting Copeland, Carlisle and Penrith and the Border in the county.

The move came days after party leader Nigel Farage visited the west of the county to show his support for contenders as campaigning got underway.

David Walker had initially been selected as the Copeland candidate, but was moved to contest Workington.

Mr Walker said: “My initial reaction was one of disappointment, both for the hard-working candidates and also for our loyal supporters who would love to vote for us and have shown us such support.

“As a lover of democracy and feeling like the main parties no longer give the people a voice, I feel this to be a very tough and upsetting decision for the party to have had to make. It has only happened because of the lack of delivery by all parties over the last three years not to give us the Brexit the people voted for.

“It was only when I started to listen to various speeches, especially Nigel’s, that this decision began to make some sense.

“To be absolutely clear, this decision is not support of the Tory Party, rather it is an attempt to make sure a remain alliance are unable to put us in a position whereby a second referendum occurs that gives us a choice between one type of remain and another type of remain. This would wipe out the referendum result of 2016, which we simply can’t allow to happen.

“So it is regrettable the losers in the referendum have ultimately forced us to take such a decision because they do not respect the will of the people. Democracy only works when the losers accept the result.”

He added that the Tory candidate should stand down as there is no chance for the party to win in Workington.