WORKINGTON’S Labour candidate has sent a message to those descending on the constituency to find “Workington man”.

London-based think tank Onward, led by former Theresa May adviser Will Tanner, published a report saying that “Workington man” is the key election target.

According to the group, any party wanting to win the next election should target that group, described as white, male and a Leave voter.

But the term caused controversy in the constituency, with many branding the term patronising.

On the day Brexit Party’s leader Nigel Farage visited Workington, Sue Hayman and a team of Labour-supporting women stood outside Mrs Hayman’s office in the town wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Workington woman votes too!”

Mrs Hayman said: “When we first heard that the Conservative think-tank decided the target voter was Workington man, a lot of people were extremely disgruntled about that, as were the women. They weren’t very happy about being ignored.

“The Workington constituency is a lot more than just Workington – it’s also Cockermouth, Maryport, Aspatria and all the villages.”

She added that the profile was patronising and people should not be categorised like that.

Mrs Hayman said that despite all the attention the town received following the publicity around the profile, some national media outlets still managed to place Workington in Copeland.

She said: “It’s about time people from London realised where Workington was. It’s just a pity they still can’t get it right.”

Of Mr Farage’s visit she said: “It’s interesting how at every election Nigel Farage tries to make it about Nigel Farage.This election isn’t just about Brexit, it’s about so much more: the NHS, education, people here are really concerned about cuts to social care and mental health services, it’s about real life, not just Brexit.”

She added Labour pledged to deliver Brexit within six months, getting a deal that would protect jobs, the environment and workers’ rights and putting that deal back to the public with a referendum.