A CRIMINAL courier caught near Carlisle with an illegal drugs haul potentially worth almost £180,000 has been jailed for 31 months.

Derek Nairns, 42, was stopped by police while speeding through roadworks on the M6 at Junction 44 on October 4.

Because Nairns appeared “anxious and nervous”, his Ford Focus was searched and this revealed a cardboard box in the boot which was “stuffed full” of illegal drugs. These high purity, uncutcocaine potentially worth up to £56,000 on the street; amphetamine potentially worth £120,000; and cannabis which could have been worth £1,260.

Nairns confessed that he had agreed to collect the drugs from Liverpool and transport them to his native Scotland on the promise that a £3,000-plus gambling debt would be waived.

At Carlisle Crown Court, Nairns, of Cramond Close, Falkirk, admitted possessing cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis - all with intent to supply - and cannabis possession.