Millions of Youtubers have watched Josh Turner play some of the most iconic guitar licks ever written.

The 27-year-old started posting his films as a teenager to help others learn how to play complex tunes and chord changes.

His 2014 Youtube film of him playing Graceland by Paul Simon has been watched 1.4 million times, while 9.4million have watched him play Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

You can see him live when he recreates the infectious sounds of Paul Simon’s revolutionary album Graceland when he comes to Carlisle this weekend.

Turner recreates the much-loved tracks with the help of the South African Cultural Gospel Choir in his show A Celebration of Paul Simon’s Graceland Live.

The story goes that when he was 14 and a mad video games player, Josh’s exasperated parents confiscated his Playstation console and so he started playing guitar and filming himself recreating famous hit records and posted them to Youtube.

Josh admits: “I definitely spent too long on the games console, but I discovered that I liked the guitar. I had some piano lessons, but I had never taken pleasure in music before the guitar.”

He posted his first Youtube video back in 2007 as a teaching aid for other learner guitarists.

“I got some complimentary comments from strangers and thought I would keep at it.”

In the first half of the show, Josh plays some of Simon’s most famous songs before he recorded Graceland, including some Simon and Garfunkel numbers.

“Then we play the full album, track by track, in order. We have taken pains to get it as accurate as possible,” he says.

Graceland Live, The Sands Centre, November 3. for tickets, call 01228 633766 or go to