PENRITH and the border MP Rory Stewart has blasted Parliament as a "medieval form of a democracy" as he took to Twitter to formally announce the end of his Parliamentary career.

The rebel MP - kicked out of the party after defying the Government to support legislation to outlaw a no-deal Brexit - posted his farewell online just 15 minutes after MPs backed a December 12 general election with a thumping majority in the House of Commons.

Standing outside the House of Commons, Mr Stewart said in a video: "I am now - following the vote for an election - formally stepping down from Parliament.

"It has been a privilege. But I also feel that this medieval form of a democracy is in desperate need of reform. And I believe we can show in London what a truly modern democracy could be."

He confirmed that he had been among those MPs who voted for a general election.

Explaining his decision to stand to become Mayor London, he said: "This is not just about a movement away from national politics to local politics; it's not just about what I would like to do for you in London, which is make you feel safer, make your commute better, make your housing more affordable.

"It's actually about democracy itself.

"This building behind me is 900 years old and I really feel, going into this general election campaign, with all the shouting and talking that's going on, that the problem with our Parliament now is that it's a medieval idea. It's absurd that just every 2 or 5 years we get to vote for a Member of Parliament and then you have to shut up until that member of Parliament gives you a chance to have an election again.

"We are so educated now, so healthy, so experienced, have seen so much of the world. We could have a democracy where people are giving their opinion in real time and shaping the type of society we have.

"So that's actually what I want to do in London.

"I want to create a real representative democracy in London."

He said that democracy should be about listening; a modern democracy, with formal institutions where people can shape their society and a democracy which is about "listening and reaching out."