It wasn’t until the 10th mile that Robbie Dee thought: “Who’s bright idea was this?”

Then he remembered - it was his...

“It was my fault, in a moment of madness I suggested it,” admitted the CFM breakfast show presenter who has just completed two half marathons in just over a month in aid of Cash for Kids.

Robbie’s first idea was to run the London marathon for the charity but when he couldn’t get a place, he looked closer to home to raise money.

But with no local marathons to enter, he decided to take part in the Carlisle Half Marathon and the Great Cumbrian Run and run ‘Robbie’s Marathon in a Month’ (more or less).

“It was a lot harder than I anticipated,” he confessed, two days after completing the Great Cumbrian event and still feeling the aches from his efforts.

“I did the Great Cumbrian run three years in a row in 2006, 2007 and 2008, but that was 11 years ago,and before I had kids.

“I took everything into account, for the two runs, apart from the fact that I’m 59 now!”

His second thoughts about taking part in the 13-mile endurance test came as he was nearing the end of The Carlisle Half Marathon when he tripped.

He recalled: “It was between 10 and 12 miles and I was exhausted. I fell over a kerb and cut my arm and I thought ‘what am I doing this for? It is bonkers’.

“Then you think about the kids who have incredibly bad lives because of the health or some of the homes they have.

“It gave me the lift I needed, then I saw the Brunton Park floodlights.”

Robbie was helped on his mission by fellow CFM presenter Pete Moss.

Pete was already going to run the Great Cumbrian Run when he decided he would join forces with Robbie.

“I already had it in mind to do it at some point, but it is one of those things that you always put off until next year.

“When Robbie came up with his idea, I said I’d do one run, then I was asked ‘can’t you do both?’ so I thought ‘what the hell!’

But the second run almost didn’t happen for Pete, who ended up covered in blood after the Carlisle Half Marathon.

“I have never done any running like this before and I really felt it at the end of the first race, though last weekend I was fine.

“The biggest worry on the Carlisle Half run was after I had finished and someone said I had blood on my chest.

“My nipples had worn and they were bleeding. I hadn’t had any problems in training. One of my feet was also bleeding and I had taped my mobile phone to my arm and that was bleeding also.

“For the Great Cumbrian I taped toilet roll onto my chest and it worked great!”

In last weekend’s race it was Robbie’s turn to suffer the dreaded ailment known as ‘Jogger’s Nipple’.

The DJ, who plays the Dame in The Sands panto every year, said: “I realised at the end of the run that if I had put my Dame’s bra on, I would have taken care of the problem.”

Despite his agonies, Pete is thrilled to have taken part in both runs: “It feels amazing.

“Just to do the first felt fantastic, but now, to say I have ran both such a short space of time, it feels great.

“I came into work on the Monday morning half swaggering and half limping. I was sore, but I styled it out.

“I can’t quite walk properly yet...”

Robbie normally goes on a five mile run four or five times a week, but admits the extra miles and the fact that he is running to help others make a big difference.

“It is one thing to go on a relaxed run and do it for yourself, and it is another thing to run for a charity and have that responsibility,” he explained.

Both men had huge praise for the support and good will of the crowds that lined the routes to cheer the runners on.

“It was more evident than ever this year,” said Robbie.

“The camaraderie of the people on the street - I don’t know if they know how much it cheers us on.

“They were still standing there and cheering us on when it was chucking it down.

“I’m very proud to have done it, very pleased to have done it and it is for a brilliant cause..

“We have had amazing support from local businesses and from individuals.”

The pair have raised at least £7,500 for the charity and Pete says running for local cause makes all the difference to his efforts: “It’s good to see where this money goes.

“It is great to know that someone in Cumbria and south west Scotland will benefit.”

The dynamic duo are now plotting what to do next to help the charity - though it probably won’t involve running.

Robbie said: “In answer to your question, no I won’t be doing it again!”

But Pete revealed: “I’m up for another challenge. We were talking about this earlier and we are looking at something a bit quirkier next time...”