A charity will spend the next year bringing the United Nations sustainable development goals into Carlisle.

The next phase of focus for Carlisle One World Centre will be launched on Thursday with a talk on the sustainable development goals by Gareth Presch at the University of Cumbria Fusehill Street campus.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals were established in 2015 and cover a wide range of social issues from gender equality to clean water to global peace.

Gareth Presch, founder of the World Health Innovation Summit, will give an in-depth talk on what the 17 goals are and how to move forward in developing them in Carlisle and Cumbria.

Adrienne Gill, development work for COWC, said: "We all know we have water pollution, inequality, and child poverty in Britain - it's just on a different level to what it might be in Ethiopia but it still needs tackling.

"It's about all countries in the UN taking shared responsibility.

"Gareth in his talk will explain more about how that all works and what is going on in the UN."

Each year or so, the centre adopts a new theme which becomes the heart of their awareness-raising activities.

Previous themes have focused on war and climate change, which in turn led to the founding of Sustainable Carlisle and Carlisle Refugee Action Group.

Adrienne added: "We are going to move onto the next theme which is finding out more about the sustainable development goals and how a city such as Carlisle can link into it.

"We're excited about that and we will highlight one goal each month through our media.

"We will work towards raising more awareness about these goals but also work on the climate emergency here in Carlisle through the climate coalition, Sustainable Carlisle, CAfS and Sustainable Brampton."

The event will start at 7.30pm tomorrow night (Thursday) on Fusehill Street campus.