Police were called in to restore calm outside a Carlisle secondary school after pupils hurled stones, sticks, and plastic water bottles at the building during a a rowdy protest.

The dramatic scenes unfolded as the youngsters joined parents protesting about a strict new discipline policy.

Some children and parents were heard chanting for the resignation of headteacher Ceri Bacon.

Police were called to the scene at about 3.15pm. A spokesman for the force said they were asked to attend by concerned staff.

Dozens of parents had gathered outside the school demanding an end to what they say is an overly-strict discipline regime.

They are particularly upset by the school's use of "internal exclusion".

Parent Jodi Mellor, 32, from Currock, handed school bosses a list of reasons which she says have been cited for sending children home.

They include wearing the wrong type of trousers; having hard that is deemed too short, and speaking to siblings from a different year group.

She also accused staff of keeping children in detention without telling parents. Another parent, Kimberley Birkett, 35, said: "It's disgusting the way these kids are being treated."

Linda Collinson added: "They need to stop these rules now. Parents are behind us on this."

Parent Kenny Davidson, 43, held up a banner describing the school "HMP Richard Rose Central Academy".

United Learning, the organisation which runs the Academy, stood by its strict new discipline and the practice of using internal exclusions.

A spokesman said: “Today’s events after school are disappointing but come at the end of a day which had run smoothly with good behaviour across the school. It is sad that some students, egged on by a small group of parents, let themselves and the school down.

"We are wholly committed to implementing the school’s rules as we always have done in the past and have been heartened by the support of the overwhelming majority of parents and students."