A new café at Brougham Hall will be officially opened by the Lord-Lieutenant for Cumbria next week.

Café4EDEN was acquired by 4EDEN (formerly Eden Mencap Society) in January this year and has undergone a complete revamp of decor and menu.

The café near Penrith allows 4EDEN to provide a new environment and experience for some of their trainees.

It gives them the chance of seeing what life is like in a real work setting and of dealing with the public directly.

Over the next few months, 4EDEN will start a new training programme for a range of users, with the aim of equipping them with the necessary skills required to apply for paid employment.

Jacqui Taylor, chief officer of 4EDEN said: “Our aim is to develop additional opportunities through a number of other ventures – Fixit4EDEN, Brew4EDEN and Bake4EDEN.

"All of these projects are in their early stages of development.

"The longer term goal is to allow extra trainees to be engaged in these schemes to develop their skills.”

The charity plans to organise a range of events and to make vegetables, prepared foods and artisan bread all available at the café as well as the usual cakes, drinks, sandwiches and meals.

The café will be officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Claire Hensman, on October 10.