Homeowners were forced to wade through their home after water turned their garden into a river.

Peter and Siegrun Urwin, who live off Brampton Road, Carlisle, were devastated for the second time in just six weeks when heavy rainfall rushed through their garden and garage.

They are now faced with the clean-up and trying to figure out how to stop this happening again.

Mr Urwin, of Vallum Close, was shocked to find a river running alongside his home after a torrential downpour overnight and into yesterday morning.

After buying the house almost two years ago it has been a shock to find this happens, he said. “Something needs doing – it’s ridiculous there is nowhere for the water to go.

“All the water collects on the field and then runs through the garden. It’s the only way for the water to get out.”

The couple were forced to call emergency services to help get rid of the water.

A spokesman for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service said: “We’ve had numerous water-related incidents this morning, including cars stuck in floodwater, and flooded properties.

“Crews were on scene at Vallum Close and pumped a large amount of water out – we dropped the level about four inches.

“ It was difficult as is was still raining and the water was still coming. We managed to pump a lot of the water into the water course.”

He also urged motorists: “Please do not drive through flood water. It is not worth the risk.”

Terrified it was going to happen again after the first flooding six weeks ago, Mr Urwin spent last week clearing his drains, he said: “I spent all of last week working to make sure the drains were clear and the water could escape. “I have had an extra drain installed,” he said.

“The water just has nowhere to go once it gets to Brampton Road.

“We have only lived here two years – it’s a nightmare. Something needs to be done.

“It’s not right that the water has nowhere to go this can’t keep happening.

“The drains in this area need cleaning and the field needs to drain off somewhere other than my garden.”

His wife Siegrun was tunned by the amount of water that was flowing through. “ I can’t believe what the water can do,” she said. “I’m worried no-one will do anything because we’re the only house that is affected.

“I don’t know what else we can do to stop this happening. We’re lucky the house itself stayed dry but the water is everywhere.”

Water is still flowing into the garden, and over the next few days the pair will have to keep a close watch as more heavy rain is expected.

Elsewhere in Carlisle, roads were closed, making access to the city almost impossible.

Direct routes from the M6, such as London Road, were closed after they became impassable.

Rush-hour traffic had to turn round and find another way into Carlisle.

Motorists trying to enter the city along Warwick Road, which has temporary traffic lights on, added to the tailbacks onto the M6.

Rickerby Park was another area flooded as the water moved onto the flood plains and Stony Holme golf club was closed as the two rivers rushed across the green.

One member of the club said: “It can’t be helped we have the River Eden and the River Petteril passing and where else is the water supposed to go?

“I would rather the golf course flood than people’s homes.

“I don’t think will be playing golf for a week or so.”

More rain is expected for the rest of the week – and Mr and Mrs Urwin now have sandbags ready to stop the water entering their home and causing any further damage.