A MOUNTAIN rescue team had to be called when a 22-year-old man hurt his ankle and was unable to continue ghyll scrambling.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called last night to a group of six people who had been ghyll scrambling in Stoneycroft Beck in Newlands when one man went over on his ankle and was unable to continue.

A spokesman from Keswick Mountain Rescue said: "A team Land Rover with five members set off from base along with our Mercedes Sprinter meeting up with a further team member at the foot of the ghyll.

"There was some discussion about whether the Land Rover should be driven up the track as this was the site of our other Land Rover rolling just three weeks ago. In an effort to ‘exorcise’ a few demons, the Land Rover proceeded up the track past the Land Rover accident site and up to within a few metres of the casualty.

"The young man was assessed and splinted and then stretchered down to the road where he was taken by the group’s minibus to be checked at hospital."

The call-out took 17 members one hour and 10 minutes to complete.