A NEW concept - a car wash cafe - is coming to Carlisle.

Motorists will be able to get their car washed at the former Enterprise car hire site in Caldewgate and then drive off with a coffee and doughnut.

The concept is being brought to the city by husband and wife team Richard and Sarah Miller and Bruce Brown and Luke Jackson from Bruce and Luke's.

Bruce and Luke already run two successful coffee shops and a doughnut and bagel shop in the city centre.

Richard, who also runs Cumbria Storage Solutions, said: "My mum and dad, Michael and Julie Miller, bought the site at the end of last year.

"We already run a car wash in Wigton and a storage facility. We saw this an ideal opportunity to open a car wash in Carlisle.

"It's going to be a joint venture with Bruce and Luke and will be called the Car Wash Cafe fuelled by Bruce and Luke.

"It's providing a function that we all need - a car wash - with Bruce and Luke's coffee and doughnuts. It will be all one business."

The car wash will be manned during the day and will employ six to eight people.

Richard, 36, who used to attend Nelson Thomlinson School in Wigton, said: "The car wash will be available at night for taxi drivers and other people to use but it will be self service out of hours.

"The idea is that people will pull up, put their order in - a car wash and a coffee and doughnut - and then their order will be ready for them to drive off when their car has been washed."

Luke said: "Myself and Bruce Brown have set ourselves a challenge to open 100 incredible coffee shops and by linking with great people like Richard Miller we can make this happen."

It's hoped the drive through car wash and coffee shop will open early next year.