A few tickets remain available for Ben Bowman’s Michael Jackson tribute show in Carlisle on Saturday.

Ben started performing as his hero straight from school 14 years ago and the show has developed into the all-action performance.

He says: “Even when I started, I thought it was just something fun that I could do on the side of working.

“I never imagined I would be a full-time Michael Jackson impersonator – it’s not like it’s something that comes up at the job centre!

“The fans are so passionate. The screamers and criers are my favourites.

“I absolutely love that we incite that reaction, it means we are doing something right. It’s insane, incredible, that people are drawn into it for those two hours that we perform, that they believe in what we’re doing.

“It’s a feeling I wouldn’t swap for anything.”

Michael Starring Ben, is at the Sands Centre. For tickets go to www.the sandscentre. co.uk or call 01228 633766