It’s the greatest repatriation effort since World War Two.

More than 150,000 Brits left stranded by the collapse of holiday giant Thomas Cook are being returned home on flights organised by the government and the Civil

Aviation Authority.

But this isn’t some amazing feat of logistics that we should feel proud about.

This is a national embarrassment caused by mismanagement and greed.

Company executives have claimed around £20m in bonuses over the past five years.

Current chief executive Peter Fankhauser has received £8m in that time.

These executives should be forced to hand this money back.

This money should be used to reimburse all those who have had their holidays wrecked - with extra paid for the pain and suffering they have endured.

It should provide proper severance payments for the staff left helpless and cash-strapped.

Then there are the hotels and businesses abroad that are owed thousands by the company.

Hotels are paid in arrears by Thomas Cook and some are reported to be demanding a thousand or two thousand euros from holidaymakers to cover their stay.

But it is not just the bosses who have to answer questions. Who has been auditing the company’s books over this period of time? Did they not highlight the problems stacking up?

To add financial injury to insult, vulture airlines are trying to cash on one the woes of those poor holidaymakers who have been stranded by ramping up their flight fees.

Prices go up in times of demand, but surely in such a situation these airlines can cap their prices?

I feel sorry for all those who have been hit by this shocking situation, but I feel angrier that this company’s bosses have run it so badly and still managed to cream off millions in bonuses.

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