WHEN Marie Wynn was seven her mum had a mental breakdown.

“She was taken away in an ambulance and I had no idea what was going on,” said Marie, a mum-of-two, who lives at Fletchertown and sells Usborne books.

Marie, 46, and her friend Tess Colman, 34, are hoping to raise enough money to get Usborne’s UnWorry book into primary schools.

Tess, who lives near Penrith, is the founder of Connect3Coaching, a service primarily for children as well as their grown-ups all about building self-confidence, emotional resilience and well-being.

Tess, a former primary school teacher, said: “Working in classrooms for many years, I have seen first-hand the issues faced by so many of our youngsters, and I’ve had the conversations with distressed parents about their children.

“I became frustrated by the confines of the curriculum and felt strongly that I could help children more if I were able to teach them about themselves rather than about the maths and English I was teaching in class.

“Upset by the increasing volume of children diagnosed with mental health conditions nationally, and devastated for the children that remain under the radar with no help or support, I decided to take action of my own.

“So, I have stepped outside my own classroom and ventured into the classroom of life, so I can help children like yours learn to love being who they are.

“I now teach children to confidently connect with themselves on every level – head, heart and soul – so they are truly in control.

“When I heard about Marie’s plans to complete the Cumbrian Way for such an incredible and worthy cause, I was keen to get involved.

“I love the idea of every school having access to books that are both useful and necessary in today’s ever-changing world. Kids need ways to help themselves, but they also need us, as their grown-ups, to notice when stuff is going on for them.”

Marie and Tess will set off on their journey on Monday and walk the 70 miles staying in youth hostels along the way. They will finish their journey in Carlisle next Friday with a stop off at St Michael’s School in Dalston earlier in the day.

To sponsor or buy a book to go in your local primary school visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/unworrywalk or visit www.connect3coaching.co.uk

Contact Tess on 07793 108905.