Keswick Mountain Rescue Team arrived with a bump after a call to action over the weekend.

The team were called to help a man who had a potentially serious medical condition.

It happened just before 1pm on Saturday at Stoneycroft Beck, Newlands.

Two groups of rescuers made their way to the 61-year-old man, including five members of KMRT in the team Land Rover.

The group in the Land Rover had a bumpy start after the vehicle slipped and rolled down a steep hill landing on Newlands Road.

A spokesman for KMRT said: "A team Land Rover with five members set off from the base and a number of others went direct to the scene.

"On driving up the Stoneycroft track the Land Rover slipped a wheel off the dirt road and rolled over itself, several times, down the steep slope landing back on the Newlands road on its wheels.

"Fortunately, thanks to the design of the Land Rover and its fitted roll cage, the five occupants escaped with relatively minor injuries.

"The team Land Rover performed faultlessly in protecting its occupants but was left in a rather bad state with all external equipment including a stretcher and telescopic radio mast destroyed. The equipment inside survived but the vehicle itself is beyond economic repair and thus considered a write-off.

"This leaves the team short of one of its main response vehicles and the team compromised until a replacement can be sought as soon as possible."

Members of the team who had headed directly to the site continued with the rescue.

The spokesman added: "The team members who had gone direct along with a team paramedic and an emergency doctor were able to attend to the casualty who was assessed and evacuated back to the valley to be transported to hospital by air ambulance."