Concepts of peace will be explored through art, poetry, video, and photography at an exhibition in Canada.

Three artists from Cumbria will meet with 29 others from across six countries in Toronto, Canada for the 32 Points - 32 Voices: A Compass of Peace exhibition this month.

Caroline Dalton, Janis Young, and Marilyn Laugesen, who are members of the Carlisle Contemporary Arts cooperative, will be showcasing their artwork which explores the meaning of peace and what it means to them.

Their artwork, some collaborative and some individual pieces, depicts both traditional and abstract visions of peace.

Janis Young finds butterflies and their delicate innocence to be the greatest symbol of peace.

She will be displaying two prints with butterflies in the palm of two cupped hands.

Janis said: “My artworks often involve images of butterflies which I love and which only appear after the storm has passed.

“Rather than seeing peace as the precursor of war, turmoil, or stormy weather, I am optimistic and see peace with relief.

“It shows that turmoil has ended and will not return while peace is maintained.”

Doves, the most iconic and traditional symbol of peace, have been used by Marilyn to create a curtain of security that is full of further peaceful symbolism.

Marilyn said: “The doves are made of paper which is fragile - such as how peace is a very very fragile thing.

“The doves are joined onto a ring at the bottom which is the circle of compass and the circle of peace.

“They are stitched which represents security but it is loosely stitched so the doves can fly away.”

Caroline has turned one of her pieces into a game which plays with the idea of globalisation and controlling destiny.

Her concept of peace is more focused on calm.

She said: “It is called Time and Tide and it uses metal and paint and shape and form and also alludes to the idea of time passing.

“It’s this idea of the calmness, or the arrested moment, of peace where you just actually breathe and pause.”

The exhibition, which runs from September 6 until September 27, coincides with the United Nations international day of peace and there will be special activities in the gallery to mark this day.