AN AMATEUR theatre group has now raised enough money for urgent roof repairs to get underway.

The John Peel Theatre, Station Road, Wigton, found earlier this year, that the roof would need to be replaced within six to 12 months due to nail fatigue.

After a £5,000 donation from Allerdale Council to kick-start the project the theatre group started a fundraiser on Facebook to makeup the extra money needed.

Now, after securing all the money work has started to repair the roof.

Connie Jensen, chairwoman of Wigton Theatre Club, said: “In between downpours, our new roof s going on.

“However, as is usually the case with old buildings, a new problem has emerged.

“The roofers found that the tiles at the front of the building did not butt up properly to the wall, leaving a gap which allowed rain to penetrate the front wall, making it permanently sodden.”

The roofers have called on help from expert builders who understand the problem and are now working hard to repair the damage with lime based cement.

When the roof edges are secure, the slates will go back on over green waterproof lining, and the building will be safer from the weather.

Mrs Jensen continued: “After that we will be getting on with the business of refurbishing the auditorium seating. Meanwhile, the show must go on, and what a show it is turning out to be. Macbeth is our third Shakespeare production and is set to be our most popular and spectacular yet.”

The show will be on from August 28 to 29.