Christmas - a time of Peace on Earth. That is, unless you part part of Nativity the Musical.

The junior wing of the Maryport Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society, Spotlight, is joining forces with the adults for this year's big musical production

Anyone who has seen the film will know that Nativity is a wonderful story but with more than its fair share of mayhem.

It tells the story of a reluctant teacher, Mr Maddens, given the task of producing his junior school's Nativity. In a moment of mad one upmanship he boasts that there is a Hollywood producer coming to see it and that is only the start of his problems.

The other include the children themselves and Mr Poppy whose official title is a teaching assistant but who, in Mr Madden's eyes is more of a teaching hindrance.

But, hey! This is Christmas and you know it is all going to end well.

Nativity combines a lot of sparkle with several sing-along songs from the original film including sparkle and Shine, Nazareth, One Moment, She's the Brightest Star and a whole lot of new songs with a seasonal feel.

Spotlight has just completed its own production, One of Us.

For some of the children it was there first time on stage in front of an audience while others have stuck with the society since it was formed.

One of Us was a concert with the theme of friendship and togetherness, promoting the idea that Spotlight accepts everyone with only a love of musical theatre as a requirement.

Rehearsals for Nativity The Musical will start in the middle of August. Anyone interested in taking part should keep a lookout on the Maryport AODS Facebook page where all details will be posted shortly.