Brampton Labour Party collected items for Carlisle Food Bank from an appeal on Saturday.

Members of the group set-up a collection point outside of Brampton Surgery on Saturday morning as part of their monthly campaign.

They received a huge amount of donated food items ranging from cereals and juices to packet food and non-perishable tins.

Beth Furneaux, one of the volunteers, said: “The community rallied round and donated generously, having seen our appeal on Facebook and in the Brampton newsletter.

“They are particularly short of rice pudding, tins of fruit, tuna, beans for example.”

Summer time is a particularly difficult time of year for food banks as many families struggle to provide extra meals for children who are off schools for six weeks.

Beth said: “We decided to make it a food collection to involve the community, highlight the impact of austerity on local people, and help boost the stocks of the food bank at the start of the school holidays which sees an increased usage.”

Although this temporary appeal for the food bank led to a great collection, it was only a temporary collection point.

Bupa Dental Surgery has a permanent drop-off box in the reception. which is donated to Carlisle Food Bank.