AN EARLY-morning burglar was caught twice on camera as he broke into two addresses just minutes apart.

Paul Joseph Carr, 27, was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court for the Whitehaven burglaries, which occurred on June 13.

Initially, Carr forced entry to a flat above a Tangier Street takeaway while the occupant was asleep with his wife. The man was woken at about 6.30am as heavily-convicted Carr crept around.

Prosecutor Gerard Rogerson said: “He got up to investigate and he encountered Mr Carr, who was approaching the bedroom and, in fact, he opened the door to the bedroom.”

The burglar mumbled something about “cigarettes” before fleeing with £275 and a set of car keys.

He was caught on CCTV which showed him arriving at - and leaving - the flat, and police were alerted.

But within minutes Carr struck again on the same street.

Just after 7am he sneaked into the private area of Frasers chip shop, where Teresa Fraser had arrived at the building to begin cleaning duties.

Carr stole Mrs Fraser’s bag, which contained a purse, cash and a mobile phone. But he was again caught on CCTV before leaving.

“Her husband, Kenneth Fraser, made an area search,” said Mr Rogerson. “He discovered Mr Carr on Lowther Street.”

Mr Fraser said to Carr: “Excuse me, pal, you better give that money back you’ve stolen. We’ve got you on video.”

Carr ran off along Queen Street but was detained by police soon after.

The court heard he had more than 100 crimes on his record, and was a “three-strike” house burglar, triggering a minimum three-year jail term.

Carr, of Devon Road, Hensingham, Whitehaven, admitted carrying out the two burglaries.

Judge James Adkin, giving the defendant a reduction for his guilty pleas, imposed an 876-day prison sentence.

The judge said: “Any such burglary is obviously immensely distressing for the occupants who feel their homes have been violated by you creeping in and committing offences.”