Cumbrian businesses had the chance to discuss trade at a meeting with Government officials.

A group of Department of Trade representatives from 11 different countries met with businesses at an event in Whitehaven hosted by Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster and the University of Manchester's Dalton Cumbrian Facility.

The representatives are taking part in a week of visits meeting businesses through the UK.

They extended an invitation to meet with Cumbrian businesses in the energy sector interested in international trade opportunities.

John Grainger, executive director of the cluster. said: “The main aim of the Cluster is to identify and facilitate business opportunities for our members and the wider energy supply chain in Cumbria and beyond.

"Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; and collaboration is at the heart of good and sustainable business.

"Today’s meeting was just that – an excellent occasion to bring some of the best in the energy sector together and help drive vital international business conversations.”

The meeting heard about Dalton Cumbria’s highly specialised testing facilities for radioactive material and the region’s capabilities in the energy sector across nuclear, oil, gas and renewables.

Some of the most advanced technology originating in Cumbria - such as the use of nuclear energy for the creation of long-lasting power cells - were presented to the DIT.

Cumbrian business leaders then met face-to-face with the various country representatives to discuss opportunities for international networking and trade.

Alys Gardner, business development manager for Cavendish Nuclear, said: “ There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings.

"Today’s event was a chance not only to meet with the Department for International Trade, but to get a better understanding of the outstanding technological capabilities here in Cumbria.

"We will walk away with a high-level of insights which we otherwise might not have had, and I would hope to see more of these types of events rolled out in the future.”