A “HOPELESS alcoholic’ and convicted robber flashed a knife in a shop and vowed to stab a man.

Keith Rogers, 33, was jailed for drunken offending by a judge who heard of his shocking criminal past.

In 2010 Rogers was handed a six-year prison term for being part of a gang who robbed two pensioners after mistakenly targeting the wrong home.

He was then locked up for two and a half years in 2014 after being caught dealing crack cocaine and heroin.

And in 2017 Rogers was jailed for an actual bodily harm assault and offensive weapon possession. In his native Liverpool he teamed up with his brother to attack a man who wouldn’t stop hassling their mum.

Rogers then got into more trouble in Carlisle on June 8.

Prosecutor Josh Bowker said police were contacted just after 10pm to say a male was acting suspiciously in the Spar shop on Petteril Bank Road.

“A staff member indicated that a male had flashed a knife at her,” said Mr Bowker.

Rogers had also threatened to stab a man who was outside the store nearby.

As police approached Rogers on his home street of Atkinson Crescent, he repeatedly stated: “Who’s dead?”

Officers found a knife in his pocket.

David Wales, defending, said: “He was inebriated. His memory of the offence is all but not there. He simply does not have the recall to be able to assist.

“The man in question is a friend. He certainly bears him no ill will.”

Mr Wales added: “This is not a man who was drunk and dangerous. This was a man who was drunk and stupid,” added Mr Wales. “He is a hopeless alcoholic.”

Rogers, who admitted having a bladed article, was jailed for 10 months.

Judge Brian Cummings QC told him. “This is an alarming situation as you were drunk with a dangerous weapon with a background of serious crime, including violence.”