THREE Cumbrian schools have made it on to a map that highlights the need for climate change teachers across the UK.

Castle Carrock Primary School, Energy Coast UTC at Workington, and Caldew School in Dalston have been included on the map, released as part of the Lord Mayor’s London Climate Action Week, as their teachers have taken part in a new learning initiative.

Teachers from the schools have successfully completed their United Nations training which qualifies them to teach young people about climate change.

The training looks at how climate change affects migration, cities, children, gender, and health.

The project is aiming to put at least one accredited climate change teacher in every school, and although it is only in the early stages the map already shows a huge number of teachers across the UK.

Details have emerged after young people made their voices heard on climate change at a major conference in Penrith, putting questions to politicians and environmentalists about what they’re doing to make a difference.

Fiona Heslam, climate change teacher at Energy Coast UTC, said: “It is very important that we bring climate change into the curriculum.

“Even though subjects such as geography and science teach about climate change, it is crucial that we are up to date with what is going on with our climate now and how we can do our part to reduce and mitigate the impacts.

“Being one of the first 80 climate change specialist schools in the UK is a fantastic opportunity for the UTC and I am excited about getting all of our students and staff involved.”

For students, having a UN accredited climate change teacher in their schools will lead to greater education on wide range of topics that will one day affect their future.

Rebecca Stacey, climate change headteacher at Castle Carrock Primary School, near Brampton, said: “It has opened up opportunities for our children - for example we are attending the Climate Change summit organised by CAFS with our Year 6 children.

“It has also connected me with lots of like minded teachers so that we can share lesson ideas and resources.

“The next stage is also starting up now - which will include a link to the fantastic Yahki learning platform to contribute, share and record our lessons and ideas.”