An expanding IT firm has moved into new premises with the aim of offering training in cyber security for Carlisle businesses.

Cache4 IT Solutions founder Paul Crooks and his staff have moved into their new home in Hether Drive, Lowry Hill, and now has space to help the increasing number of firms needing help in defending themselves from hackers.

As well as the repair and refurbishment, laptop leasing and security advice that Cache4, it also now has the capacity to host in-house training sessions.

Mr Crooks set up the firm in his loft in 2014, moving to a small office on Junction Street.

Employing extra members of staff as the company grew meant new premises were needed.

“We’ve gone from having just one room for everything – including the kitchen – at our old place, to these fantastic new offices that will allow us to do a lot more and gives us the space to expand in the future.

“As well as a separate office and workshop, and a dedicated stock room, we now have a proper reception area and a training room, which will hopefully become a big part of our business.”

The new training side of the business came directly from its customers asking for advice and guidance, mostly around using the latest software and how to defend themselves against hackers.

Mr Crooks said: “The majority of jobs at the moment are related to some kind of security breach, whether that’s businesses or personal security.

“We want to work with people and educate them.

“My aim has always been to offer support at an affordable price for smaller businesses and homeowners.”