A SIXTEEN-year-old girl has been prosecuted after she sold a fellow pupil two cannabis joints at her Eden secondary school.

The teenager appeared before Carlisle's Rickergate Youth Court, where she pleaded guilty to supplying the class B drug on March 29.

Prosecutor Pam Ward said the offence came to light when school staff seached another pupil's bag and found two cannabis cigarettes.

"She named [the defendant] as having supplied the cannabis," said Mrs Ward.

The defendant told staff that the girl had come to her the previous day and asked whether she knew anybody who could get her the drug.

The 16-year-old who was in court refused to tell police who gave her the cannabis, which she had sold to her pal for £10.

"She has no previous convictions," added the prosecutor.

Chris Toms, for the girl, said there had been a previous incident of a similar nature for which the girl was given a youth caution.

That was why she had been brought to court on this occasion.

The lawyer said: "She was asked to supply a small amount of cannabis by her friend and did so.She was just doing her friend a favour.

"I don't think she realised the situation and the mess it was going to cause.

"She is otherwise a hard-working student at school and doing very well. She's also a carer for her mother, who has a number of health issues.

'She's a dutiful daughter but she's had trouble recognising the seriousness of her situation."

The lawyer went on to say that the girl would face long-term punishment, as countries such as the US and Australia are unlikely to allow her to visit them as a result of the conviction.

Addressing magistrates as her daughter wept, the girl's mother said: "She's brilliant. I can't fault her. Normally, she's very sensible.

"It was a very dumb thing to do."

The teenager's father added: "She's got mixed up with the wrong people at the wrong time. She regrets it now."

The presiding magistrate told the girl that magistrates considered the offence to be a serious one. Despite only a small amount of cannabis being involved, the teenager had supplied it to her friend on school premises.

They imposed a six month referral order along with a £20 victim surcharge.