STUDENTS have been showing off their work in an annual end of year art and design technology exhibition.

The Trinity School exhibition is a celebration of the practical work produced by GCSE and A-Level art and design technology students.

The final projects of 45 students were displayed in the Devonshire Hall for parents and students to enjoy.

It was opened on Monday evening by Marilyn Bowman, Mayor of Carlisle.

Melanie Reay, head of art at Trinity School, said: “Every student did themselves proud. Some of our students aren’t confident in talking about their opinions, but visually - that’s a whole new level.

“We teach our students the skills they need to voice their opinion.”

A-Level art students had free rein to produce a project on a subject of their choice, which led to a diverse range of topics being covered such as: gender, equality, environment, refugees, animal cruelty. They did so through a variety of media.

One project was a dolls’ house intended for young children, which explored the contemporary idea of family, in comparison to the traditional representation.

“The idea was that children of the future should have toys that are relatable in today’s world, rather than be so stereotypical,” explained Mrs Reay.

Although the art department has an emphasis on photography, other medias like weaving, printing, video, and installations were also featured in the exhibition.

“We’re quite an open art department in terms of wanting the students to really experiment.”

Andrew Hopkins, assistant headteacher, said: “There were some really impressive individual pieces: from totem poles to photomontage from the fine art students, and a wonderful array of stylish and ergonomic products from the design and technology students.”

Mrs Reay added: “I feel really proud of the level of commitment, dedication, and excitement in the work, whether they are an art student or a design technology student.

“They are the future architects, the future designers, and it looks like it’s going to be a bright future.

“If they can do this, they can do anything.”