BAR boss Sammy Norman admits he isn't a natural athlete - but he's running 10k every day for a month to try and raise £10,000 to eradicate poverty.

Sammy, who runs the Shabby Scholar and Dutch Uncle in Carlyle's Court, Carlisle, is joined on his mission by colleagues Gareth Lee, Dale Kin-Cleaves and Tracey Harris-Williams.

He first heard about poverty levels through Ann Ford of Period Poverty North Cumbria.

Sammy said: "It shocked me to hear how many people are struggling in this area.

"The number of people - including professional people like nurses - who have to use food banks is astonishing. This should not be happening and I wanted to do something to help.

"I heard that some families can't even afford to buy blankets for their newborn babies - and being a dad myself that really made me sad."

Sammy and his colleagues are running 10k every day in June.

The month will culminate with a special event at his two bars on June 30.

Sammy said: "I'm 32 but I feel about 82.

"A few days into my challenge and I'm exhausted. As anyone will know I'm a big lad who likes his food and beer.

"The days are busy because I'm working and looking after my young son and then I have to go for a 10k run.

"There is little recovery time between the runs so I'm finding that torture.

"One night I ran 5k at football and then went for a 5k run and another night it was torrential rain so I did the 10k on a treadmill."

But mostly Sammy follows a 10k route past Stoneyholme golf club and Linstock and back through Rickerby Park.

"The route takes me over an hour to one hour 20 minutes. Gareth and Dale are fast and do it in about 40 minutes. Tracey is on holiday and she's running every day."

The team are getting local business to sponsor them and there are also donation jars in the two bars.

A special cocktail has also been created and £1.50 from each drink will be donated to the poverty cause.

Sammy said: "It shocks me that people send their kids to school without breakfast in their bellies. This should not be happening."

Sammy would like to make the 10k for 10k challenge to eradicate poverty an annual event.

He said: "Each year we'd like to get more and more people involved. We want to build on it and raise awareness.

"I've got an idea of about 10 charities/organisations that I'd like to help."

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