YOU will no doubt have seen New Holland’s blue tractors throughout the region, as Lloyd Ltd, the local dealer, has a significant share of the Cumbrian tractor market.

What is much less common, however, is the eye-catching Maserati Blue paint finish of this particular tractor, purchased recently from Lloyd Ltd by Peter Taylor of Border Caravans.  However, his New Holland T7.270 Auto Command Blue Power Limited Edition tractor is an exceptional machine in more than just its colour.

Efficient engine & transmission

The third New Holland T7 tractor purchased by Mr Taylor, this is the most powerful, having moved up the range from the 210 to 230, and finally this 270 model, in which the New Holland 6.8-litre Tier-4B FPT engine boosts to 270 hp when the Engine Power Management is engaged.

It also comes with a 50 kph Auto Command full vario transmission, which will drop to 1450 rpm for road work.  With the exhaust brake, this makes the tractor ideal for haulage applications, such as those done at his Westlands site.

Mr Taylor said: “When we use it on site to move the dump trailer around, the variable transmission makes a huge difference.

“We’ve really noticed a big improvement in fuel consumption too as we are using about half the diesel we did before when doing up to 10 miles per hour on site.  You’re never in the wrong gear, which helps!” 

Versatile & Manoeuvrable

While the new tractor is based at the main Westlands site near Annan, it is also used at their lodge parks near Jedburgh, Hawick and Dumfries.  From towing a low loader and dump trailer to being used around the sites for estate maintenance and also on the road, Peter needed a tractor which was sufficiently versatile to undertake a variety of tasks all year round.

With this T7.270 model he has just such a machine, which is not only surprisingly manoeuvrable in areas with limited space, but also delivers enough power for heavy field applications. 

Peter said: “We needed as much weight as possible due to the work we do so this model really delivers.  Whatever job needs to be done, this T7 can do it – and more.” 

Thanks to the Custom Steer Variable Ratio Steering, this large machine is easy to manoeuvre.  This feature enables the user to alter the steering ratio for jobs such as headland work, so they do not need to turn the wheel as many times to go from lock to lock.

With the added benefit of the new Intelligent Trailer Braking System, which allows the trailer brakes to be applied when the vario lever is pulled back, it makes it safer and easier to slow the tractor down as it is done automatically without having to apply the foot pedal.  This is available as an option on the T6 and T7 Auto Command models, and makes a useful difference.  It is also fitted with a 170-litre per minute hydraulic pump to ensure there is plenty of oil supply to the rear spool valves at all times.

Comfortable and simple

For such a powerful and versatile machine, it is also particularly comfortable to operate thanks to the best-in-class comfort and visibility of New Holland’s renowned Horizon cab.  Indeed, Peter noted that “if the visibility hadn’t been spot on, we wouldn’t have bought the tractor at all.”

In his case, he not only benefits from the 360 degree panoramic views, but this limited edition model also comes with the new heated Dynamic Comfort Airseat in half-leather, with electric lumbar support and air suspension.  These specifications, coupled with the Terraglide 2 Active front axle suspension, give it one of the best rides of any tractors on the road today, and at 69 decibels, it is also one of the quietest cabs on the market.

Peter also chose to add the 360 degree Work Light Pack with 16 LED lights to give extra visibility whatever the conditions.

Ease of maintenance

While Mr Taylor has not yet needed to have his new purchase serviced, when he does, he will benefit from the built-in quick and easy maintenance, which ensures less downtime and lower service costs. 

Easy access to items for daily checks and to the engine, as well as long engine oil, filer and transmission oil service intervals, mean there is more time for the tractor to work as hard as it needs to.

Peter has been impressed by the back-up from Lloyd Ltd too, saying: “The deal was incredible and the after-sales service from John Marston, Jamie Fleming and Jimmy Little has been second to none. “

This limited-edition Blue Power model does everything that the standard T7.270 can do, so is by no means the choice of style over substance.  It does, however, show that just because a machine is practical, does not mean that it cannot be special to look at, so the additional silver rims and grilles perfectly complement the paint finish.

When you drive a McLaren, as Peter Taylor does, there is clearly no need to compromise, and thanks to the impressive performance and versatility of the New Holland T7, he doesn’t need to.