Political campaigners traded insults as the right-wing activist Tommy Robinson brought his Euro election campaign to the heart of Carlisle.

For more than an hour, in a politically charged atmosphere, the English Defence League founder addressed a crowd of his supporters in the city centre as anti-racism campaigners yelled their opposition, the two sides separated by a line of uniformed police officers.

Robinson criticised the number of police officers who were deployed, saying that it was a waste of public money.

"Free speech, our daughters, the police system, our armed forces – they’re being betrayed left right and centre," said Robinson, who says he is fighting against the "Islamification" of the UK.

Labour Carlisle city councillor Ruth Alcroft, who hopes to be the city's next MP, said Robinson stood politically on a "platform of hate". She said: "They talk about the British way of life, as if they're crusaders, and patriotic."

"We want to be inclusive."

Cumbria Police deployed dozens of officers.

Afer the event, which passed off without incident, Superintendent Mark Pannone said the aim was to ensure public safety during the rally.