A dog owner from Carlisle has been fined after failing to get his pet microchipped despite being warned by the city council.

The authority prosecuted Wayne Smith, of Meadow View, after he failed to get his dog microchipped following "numerous reminders".

A city council spokeswoman said: "On September 6, a notice was sent to Wayne Smith requesting him to have a dog he was responsible for microchipped, despite numerous attempts to engage with Mr Smith, he failed to comply.

"Mr Smith’s dog had previously been collected by the council’s stray dog service and on collection of the dog, Mr Smith was advised that his dog was required to be microchipped."

The matter was referred to the city's magistrates' court and was heard last Wednesday.

Mr Smith did not attend the hearing and no plea was put forward. The matter was dealt in his absence.

Mr Smith was found guilty of failure to microchip a dog. Magistrates agreed to award costs of £150, imposed a fine of £220 and victim surcharge of £30.

The city council is reminding residents to ensure their dog is microchipped.

A spokeswoman added said: “It is important that the keeper of a dog has their dog microchipped and ensures that their details are up to date.

"A microchip is a small electronic chip around the size of a grain of rice, which is implanted under the dog's skin, and contains a unique number that can be read by a scanner.

"A microchip, which cannot easily be removed increases the likelihood that a lost, stolen or straying dog can be identified and returned to its owner.

“It is vital that the keeper takes responsibility for updating their details with the database should their circumstances change. Dog owners should contact their local vets for more information on microchipping.

"There are also a number of events being held in partnership with the Dogs Trust, with the next event being held on Monday, June 3 at Harraby Community Centre.”