An anti-fascism demonstration will take place in Carlisle today to coincide with a visit by far-right campaigner Tommy Robinson.

Carlisle Against Racism and other anti-racism campaigners have organised the demo.

The former English Defence League (EDL) leader is touring the region as part of his MEP election campaign.

Other parties have condemned his far-right stance.

The demonstration is set to take place in Carlisle city centre at 6.45pm.

Brent Kennedy, chairman of Carlisle Against Racism, said: "Any effective fight for better jobs, pay and conditions or against the cuts to public services requires the strength of workers’ unity through their own democratic organisations, the trade unions.

"The far-right racists always divide, weaken, divert and duck out of this real fight, by scapegoating one minority or another – just like the BNP did years ago.

"That’s why Carlisle Against Racism is waging the real fight: For jobs, homes and services – not racism."