The inspirational story of Cumbria's first transgender nurse was among those we told as part of a campaign celebrating our local hospitals and health staff.

Now the News & Star's NHS 70 campaign has been nominated for this year's Making a Difference Award - a national accolade highlighting the importance of local journalism to communities like Cumbria.

The campaign was launched last year, alongside the NHS, to celebrate 70 years of the health service in the county.

Rachael Ridley's emotive interview was just one of many amazing stories featured in the 70-day campaign, focusing on inspirational staff in north and west Cumbria and the patients they have helped.

The Making a Difference Award is decided by the public vote.

We are asking health staff, patients and everyone who cares about the NHS in Cumbria to vote for NHS 70 by clicking here.

Voting is open until 5pm tomorrow and only takes a few seconds. There is no need to register, just click 'vote'.

You can also help by sharing the link on social media and with friends and colleagues.

The winner will be announced on Friday at the Regional Press Awards in London.