A STORM-BATTERED section of the road that connects Wetheral to Warwick Bridge has reopened following major works to re-align and reinstate the route - at a cost of £783,000.

The B6263, which runs adjacent to the river Eden, has experienced a number of issues caused by severe weather such as Storm Desmond in 2015.

In 2005 the road had to be fully closed for a prolonged period due to a substantial deep-seated land slip underneath the road.

Following Storm Desmond and subsequent flooding in 2015, one lane had to be closed due to a significant slip of the river bank directly adjacent to the road.

In order to reinstate the road to its full capacity and to make it more resilient to future weather, it was determined that a 750m section of the road should be re-aligned away from the river bank.

The works commenced in December and the road reopened on of Friday.