A North Cumbrian engineering firm is expanding after it has recently secured contracts worth more than £1 million.

Tweddle Engineering, which operates from Kirkbride Airport, near Wigton, has outgrown its existing premises and is adding almost 11,000 sq ft to accommodate it.

Derek Tweddle, managing director, said: “We didn’t think we would ever reach this point, but we’ve outgrown an aircraft hangar.”

It is the fifth facility expansion for the engineering firm since 2006 and the work on the latest extension is due to be completed soon.

Demand for the multi-disciplinary firm’s work has increased significantly, the company said.

The physical development of Tweddle Engineering has been joined by a growth in recruitment.

Mr Tweddle added: “We are striving to be one of the best employers in the county.

“We are continuing to evolve and with that growth we need an increase in skilled staff to help support our progress.

“I am proud of our team and how we all work together.

“We have an excellent skilled workforce at Tweddle Engineering and I am delighted that we continue to improve and strengthen the business.

“Our staff demonstrate great dedication and skill in their work, that makes this firm an exciting place to work.”

The Kirkbride firm is experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke plant and equipment.

Some of the work Tweddle Engineering undertakes include timber treatment plants, bespoke industrial equipment and material handling equipment.

Mr Tweddle said: “This recent investment in the company demonstrates its commitment to growth and improving our service offering.”