A CARE home in Carlisle has come up with a cracking idea to help treat dementia patients.

While ducklings may not seem to be the most-obvious of choices, staff at Rose Hill Residential Home in Aglionby have introduced them as part of a new therapy for residents.

After breaking out of their shells from the incubators, the ducklings were transferred to their brooding unit, and were later able to be handled.

The furry friends have proved to be a huge success at the home, encouraging some interaction and to take responsibility for the new additions.

The ducklings have also been a major part of the conversation with residents and staff.

Alison Jones, manager of the care home, told the News & Star: “We had five duckling eggs delivered in an incubator last week, and our staff and residents have been watching them grow and hatch.

“It has been a really good piece of therapy for those living here, as all of our residents have some form of dementia.

“The animals bring out the best of some of the residents.”

Following the success of the small, newly-hatched ducklings, Alison added that the home is set to welcome some dogs later in the year.

“I hope the dogs go down well too,” she said.

The eggs were provided to an education, preservation and wildlife conservation company Incredible Eggs via a farm in North Yorkshire.

The care home previously hosted two batches of chicks, one in 2016, and another in 2017 - but this year’s additions have gone down a storm with residents.

Alison continued: “It is a 10-day experience for our residents, who have really loved it.

“They have been so well-received, and a great part of conversation, with everyone following their progress.

“We’ll be sad to see them leave us on Friday.”

Incredible Eggs, which delivers and collects the equipment and ducklings, runs the service across the country for schools and care homes.

The company use either chicks, ducklings or partridges, to educate school children about the process from incubation to birth, including a number of lessons on how to care for them.