THE London46 is a family affair for David Newstead and daughter Sophie.

Feelings will be running high for each of them when they travel to the City on Sunday, August 4.

For inspired by her father's battle with a kidney condition, Sophie, 28, came up with the idea of taking on the challenge with her dad to raise money for valuable research into kidney disease and transplants; an area that with funding, helps saves lives and reduces the debilitating effect of the condition.

They both want to raise well-deserved funds for this great cause.

"Sophie had an idea to do Ride London 46 miles this year and thought it a fitting way to support Kidney Care UK, a charity close to my heart, in light of having a kidney condition myself," said 61-year-old David, who lives in Carlisle.

David, a retired businessman, has suffered from a kidney condition for the past 14 years and will be on medication for the rest of his life.

He was one of two men who were instrumental in setting up Cumbrian telecoms specialist Online Systems, based at Kingstown Industrial Estate in Carlisle, retiring in 2016 to spend time travelling with wife, Jenny, who also stepped down as a director, and to spend time with their grandchildren.

David's condition came to light after a Wellman check at his doctor's surgery. "I'd been on holiday and there was a letter waiting for me when I got home asking me to contact my doctor.

"He told me some readings had indicated I should go to the Renal Department at the hospital for various tests.

"These uncovered that my kidneys were not functioning as they should and there was some scarring."

He added: "It came as a surprise and a shock as I had always considered myself a fit man. That Wellman check-up saved my life."

David now manages his condition through medication, diet and keeping fit."My kidneys are running at around 26 per cent.

"There are not many people that have had the condition that have lasted at this level for so long. It is not going to get any better."

"There could be more publicity as there are many who do suffer.

"Also with the ruling about opt out donors for transplant that the government will introduce next year hoping this will have a positive effect for many on the waiting list.

"I am hoping I can keep my condition stable for a few years yet," added David.

Sophie, a freelance feature writer for the past six years, splits her time between London and Carlisle. She is also a snowboarding instructor, who has travelled extensively overseas writing for travel, luxury and lifestyle publications.

The pair have always been keen on two-wheeled exercise and keeping themselves fit. "I've always cycled in London, so it seemed appropriate to do this challenge," said Sophie. Dad also also done the C2C cycle route and Coast and Castles.

But this is the first time the father and daughter have embarked on a charity challenge.

Their chosen charity, Kidney Care UK, provides direct support for kidney patients, but with no government funding, relies on donations to improve life for kidney patients.

"But it is not only about raising funds for research, but we also want to raise awareness of kidney care to others," said David.

"It is a perfect fusion of our love of cycling and we can do something together and raise money for a charity that is close to our hearts," said Sophie.

Inspired by London's 2012 Olympic road race, the 46-mile RideLondon route takes riders through the capital and out into Surrey past iconic landmarks on closed roads before finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.

Both will be riding road bikes for the challenge and have been preparing by carrying out regular distance training.

They have set up individual JustGiving pages and and have set a target of £500 each.