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WE all know that cats like to be in control.

They are independent and want to be in control of their surroundings, which means that a trip to the vets can be stressful for them - and you.

At Paragon Veterinary Group we recognise the unique needs of your cat and are very proud to have been recently accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic.

Designed to address these issues and make handling, treating, and examining more relaxing, the International Cat Care initiative has proven to be successful around the world.

Being a Cat Friendly Clinic means that Dalston-based Paragon has achieved a higher standard of cat care, meaning that staff understand how to approach cats gently and with care, and have the latest equipment available to manage the care of cats.

The clinic also now has a 'Cat Advocate', vet Ann Noble, who ensures that cat-friendly standards are adhered to, and there is also a separate cat waiting area.

Since achieving Cat Friendly Clinic status, Paragon has also introduced cat-only consultations on Thursday mornings at its Dalston clinic, which will suit more anxious felines.

It is not just cats that are benefiting from a more focused approach; Paragon has also begun to offer senior pet clinics for all species.

With some dogs reaching geriatric age as young as five years, and cats as young as seven, Paragon likes to diagnose sooner rather than later, so your pet can get the appropriate treatment and care needed to promote better quality of life, and slow down progression of degenerative diseases such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus. It has created renal and hyperthyroid clinics for pets that have been diagnosed with these conditions, to monitor for changes in behaviour, demeanour, body condition, eating habits and general health.

These clinics are not just to monitor the pet’s health, but a place where owners are able to ask questions, and voice their concerns to their nurse.

Paragon also runs other clinics to help benefit your pets - regardless of age - such as weight management, dental, and mobility, and routine clinics such as flea and worming treatments, nail clips, and puppy clinics.


Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7JF, Cumbria

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