FEW people can say they have helped save a life.

But the friendly team at Cumbria-based firm Alertacall do just that on an almost daily basis.

Now, Stephanie Stainton, one of the company’s longest serving employees, has spoken of the pride she has in her colleagues as they help to keep thousands of people safe in their own homes through the pioneering OKEachDay phone.

The simple device, used in homes across the UK, allows customers to signal that they are fine at the press of a button.

But if someone is unable to make contact because they are unwell or have fallen, the team will make sure they are alright, seeking help from family, nominated friends or the emergency services when needed.

Stephanie said: “It’s so rewarding to know you’ve been able to get help to someone who has fallen or who has become suddenly unwell.

“It happens far more than you would imagine.

“You never know when something might happen. A fall or becoming ill is usually unforeseen.

“But that’s why we’re here - we’ll get help on the occasion that someone needs it.

“We know we’ve been able to help save someone’s life hundreds of times because of the OKEachDay phone.

“Knowing we’ve made a difference like that is an amazing feeling,” Stephanie added.

The OKEachDay phone was invented to help people to live independently in their own homes for longer, enjoying fulfilling, active and unrestricted lives.

Customers are able to have as much interaction with the Clever Contact service as they wish.

Some of the many hundreds of occasions the OKEachDay phone has helped save a life have included raising the alarm for a customer who had suffered a stroke.

In another instance, the team were able to call upon help when a customer found they could not get out of the bath.

Stephanie, from Bowness-on-Windermere, said customers enjoyed the peace of mind that came from knowing the team were always there to make sure they were OK.

“Often, people are reluctant to call an ambulance or ask family for help because they are worried they will be a burden,” she explained.

“But they will speak to us and are happy for us to make that decision and ensure someone reaches them.

“We’ll always stay on the phone with a customer until help arrives, we’re very invested in what we do, it’s personal to us. We want people to feel safe and to know we’re there for them.”

Stephanie added: “We frequently receive messages from people or their families some time later to say they are recovering well because they got help when they needed it.”

Stephanie initially worked within the calls team at Alertacall where she spoke to customers every day.

She is now responsible for the training and development for all contact centre staff at the company - using her years of experience to make sure users of the service receive the best care possible.

“There’s no doubt the interventions made by the team are saving lives all the time.

“While most people would hardly ever have need to make an emergency call, it’s something the team here does whenever it’s necessary.

“It can be overwhelming to go home after work and know you’ve helped to save someone’s life but we all enjoy what we do.

“No two days are the same and we know we’re making a real difference to thousands of people and having a positive impact.”

Your chance to try the service for free

ON THE BUTTON: Alertacall's Clever Contact phone

RESIDENTS across the region are already using an OKEachDay phone following an offer by world-leading Windermere firm Alertacall.

The company is giving 50 people the chance to try the easy to use system for six months.

The phone, which promotes independent living, simply plugs into a landline and can be used for normal calls.

But it is also fitted with an OKEachDay button which customers press daily to signal that they are fine.

They can then get on with whatever activities they have planned.

Alternatively, some people prefer to speak to a member of the friendly team.

If no contact is made, the team will check to make sure they are alright.

There are no catches or hidden costs.

Anyone who would like to request an OKEachDay phone can call 0808 208 1234.

This can be on behalf of themselves or someone else.