Deep beneath the rolling green hills of the Hadrian’s Wall countryside, a world of ancient treasure awaits.

On Sunday, artefact hunters descended on the Brampton area in the hope of uncovering hidden relics by taking part in Brampton and Longtown Rotary Club’s annual metal detecting rally.

The rally, now in its 14th year, attracts a range of metal detecting enthusiasts from across the country each time it is held.

The event yielded an array of finds, including coins from the Elizabethan and Georgian period, and possibly from Roman times.

Other artefacts also found included a post-medieval mouth harp instrument.

On behalf of Rotary Club members, president of the Brampton and Longtown branch Wendy Aldred thanked the detectorists “for helping raise much needed funds for charitable causes we support both locally and internationally”.

She continued: “Over the last 14 years the club has raised over £15,000 from these annual rallies.

“We hope that we can continue to do this with the help of local farmers and landowners and the detectorist community across the country.”

Previous rallies held by the Brampton and Longtown Rotary Club have yielded other impressive finds, including Roman brooches, Bronze Age artefacts, musket balls and a range of coins from the Roman up to the medieval period.Taking place on farmland two miles south of Hadrian’s Wall, Sunday’s day of detecting surveyed land that had never before been combed for historical artefacts.

Everyone had a chance of a find, with tokens seeded in the field to be exchanged for raffle tickets.

The rally was held in aid of fundraising for the range of causes supported by the Rotary Club, including the recently launched dementia hub in Longtown, supporting those facing dementia and their families.